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Ian Hamblin


My name is Ian Hamblin and I have worked in games for over 15 years. In that time, I have mainly developed as an artist but also developed experience in programming through Unity 3D, Web development and Android App development.

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I have worked professionally in the industry for over 10 years having worked on and completed a number of high end projects for high profile clients such as Siemens, NATO, AT&T and Price Waterhouse Cooper. In the past I have been majorly responsible for producing and delivering large amounts of art as well as management of outsource art teams, all within tight deadlines.

I work realistically to the project goal and strive for the best amount of communication, so that the end result is a successful and satisfying end product.

As you can see from the work displayed on this website, I have the ability to adapt to different types of games and art styles. It's important to jump from one style to another and this has led me to become adaptive to meeting the needs of the client.

I understand that most projects require change throughout, so it's very important to me to respond to the wishes of the client, while keeping the project on track.

Reliablity is a corner stone of my work. I am very well aware of how important deadlines are and so my mission is always to find the best course of action that will deliver the best results in the time given. I have a proven track record of happy clients who continue to work with me based on my reliability.